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Need a personal assistant in Toronto?

Whether you need a personal assistant in Toronto, across Canada or USA, or internationally, our Toronto-based team can provide you with the virtual personal assistance you need to finally breathe a little.


Our team services busy professionals and business owners who could really using a helping hand keeping track of their day to day needs, managing inboxes, correspondents, travel and more. We're committed to making your life easier. 

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Our Virtual Personal Assistant services include:

Calendar & Communications Management:

Imagine an organized schedule where no appointment gets missed and you no longer have to keep track of everything on your own. Our skilled personal virtual assistants excel at organizing your schedule, coordinating appointments, and ensuring seamless communication with clients, friends, family and more. 


Personal Shopping:

You probably don't have the time or capacity to place your grocery order each week, let alone Christmas shop for 10+ people. We love taking care of all online shopping for our clients from groceries, to furniture shopping and everything in between.


Travel & Event Management: 

Do you frequently travel for work or pleasure and have a lot of events to keep on top of? Let us help you to research and arrange your trips and gatherings so you can actually enjoy the moment along with everyone else. We've assisted in arranging travel all over the world and we've helped organize employee socials, holiday parties, family gatherings and so much more. 


And so much more!

It's in the nature of a personal assistant to be accommodating, flexible and helpful and we want to provide exactly that attitude and more to your busy life.

Contact your virtual assistant in Toronto!

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