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Need a virtual assistant in

Whether you need a virtual assistant in Canada, USA or internationally, our Toronto-based team can provide you with administrative assistance. 


You’re the brains behind your business, which is why sometimes it’s better to have support taking over the administrative tasks so you can focus on your passion and purpose. 


Our team takes pride in providing professional and personalized assistance to help small businesses thrive. From managing your overflowing inbox to providing top-notch client care and customer service, we're dedicated to ensuring that your business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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Our Virtual Assistant services include:

Email Management

Imagine an organized inbox where every query is responded to in a timely and professional manner… without you having to do all the work to get it there! Our team will efficiently manage your email inbox, sorting through messages, responding to inquiries, and flagging urgent matters for your attention.  We can suggest and implement systems to ensure your inbox never gets out of hand again. 


Client Care and Customer Service:

We'll provide exceptional customer service on your behalf, ensuring the tone and care you provide your clients is matched or exceeded. Promptly responding to client inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring that each interaction leaves a positive impression is second nature to us. Plus, we can add your clients to a CRM to ensure you’re better able to serve them going forward.


Lead Generation

Have a great marketing strategy by no time to execute it? Let us take care of the leg work for you as we research well suited leads, set up funnels in your CRM and help create email drip campaigns to begin the nurturing process.


Filing & Data Entry

Our team will handle all your filing and data entry needs, meticulously organizing documents, entering data into spreadsheets or databases, and maintaining accurate records. We'll ensure that your information is readily accessible and well-organized, saving you time and effort.


Appointment & Calendar Management

Let us take care of scheduling appointments, meetings, and events, ensuring that your calendar remains up-to-date and well-organized. We'll coordinate with clients, partners, and team members to find suitable times and locations, minimizing scheduling conflicts and maximizing efficiency.


And General Administrative Tasks!

Need help researching for a project, organizing the staff holiday party or anything else in between? We're committed to tailoring services to your needs and providing the help you've been wanting!

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