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Meet our Founder


Hi, I'm Carissa!

When I was pre-teen, my cousins and I would spend hours recording footage on the now ancient, Cam-Corder, and splicing together our creations in the, again ancient, Windows Movie Maker. We made our own commercials, music videos, plays, you name it. To no surprise, I grew up to go to film school and later work in broadcast and print advertising. 

Filling different roles from Executive Assistant to Production Coordinator over the span of 10 years taught me endless valuable skills and inspired me to take my knowledge and apply it to my own practice. As I began my journey into helping small businesses with their virtual needs, I grew to love the clientele I serve more and more each day. 

Small business owners are the most creative and hardworking people I've ever met. They motivate me everyday to continue to be creative and hardworking myself!

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